JANUARY 18th, 2019


The Only One For Me Is You
LIVE Marriage Conference Coming To...

What if you could create the perfect marriage?

Learn the tricks to matrimony magic at this hearty, helpful, HILARIOUS date night done right!

Bring the love of your life for an evening of laughter at the So Happy Together Marriage Conference. Get your tickets today!


JANUARY 18th, 2019

Magnify Your Marriage!

Get ready for some serious laughs, eye-opening realizations, and a pragmatic approach to improving the most important fundamental unit in society: Your Marriage.

You'll walk away hand in hand after a fun heart to heart experience with John Bytheway, Meg Johnson, and Hank Smith at this one-of-a-kind marrige conference that you and your spouse will LOVE!

"It was ‘real’, not just a presentation of the unattainable ideal, but it was stuff that could be used to improve no matter where I am now."
~ Joan L. - St. George UT


Make Your Love Rock Solid!

Imagine that there was some sort of How-To instructional course for marriages taught by the perfect spouse who offers the secrets for maintaining a perfect marriage. Would you take it?  

Of course!

But that course doesn’t exist. And neither does that perfect spouse.


But there is the next best thing!

So Happy Together is the perfect conference for less than perfect...we'll say perfect-ish...spouses to get a good, gritty look at the basic fundamental unit of society (read:marriage). Three highly-qualified speakers (as in: they are married. And not to each other...) share the tips and tricks for upping the love and tightening the bonds that hold you and your spouse (and your family) together.


Three hours? Three speakers? As in people who just keep talking? For three hours? Oy.

Your husband doesn't want to come. Your wife doesn't want to come. We hear that a lot.

But that's BEFORE attending the greatest, most action-packed date night of your entire married life! It's the greatest because you will laugh. It's the greatest because you will cr…well, no. It’s not likely you or your spouse will cry…UNLESS it’s from laughing too hard.

You will enjoy the speakers, mostly because they are entertaining and funny, but also because they have profoundly practical advice for upping the love and enhancing your marriage. Funny? Yes. Fluffy? Not too much. But amid all the laughs, the speakers won't shy away from the important topics (read: intimacy) and you'll leave with more understanding of your spouse, more hope for your marriage, and more hand-holding than ever before!

So fight the resistance and bring that perfect-ish spouse of yours to the funniest and funnest date night around (as in anywhere in the galaxy) and let the rekindling begin at So Happy Together!


John has inspired hundreds of thousands of audiences everywhere with his deep insights, witty anecdotes, and thought-provoking moments as an inspirational speaker and bestselling author. Also his wife likes him to dress like Harrison Ford...

Meg is a dynamic motivational speaker, author, and quadriplegic. Meg shares inspiring insight from her own life to teach audiences around the world how they, too, can reach the impossible. She and her husband married 4 years after she was paralyzed.

Hank is a highly sought-after entertaining motivational speaker. He has presented as keynote presenter at international programs, universities, school assemblies, and other forums around the world. He and his wife have five adorable kids.


"I bought the tickets with my husbands approval. Although as it got closer, he didn't recall we had discussed it, and was not too excited about going and sitting somewhere and listening to three people talk. In the end, he very much enjoyed it. Thanks to you all!"

Betty K. - Boise, ID

The time flew by because it was all so much fun and entertaining. The humor always makes it a plus, and it was great to have the interaction between spouses.

Barbara H. - Meridian ID

It was fun, I didn’t even realize how long we were sitting there because of the entertainment and great information. We really enjoyed it and learned some great things we will implement into our marriage.

Stan T. - Richfield UT

Entertaining - not boring!

Jon M. - Boise ID

The time flew by because it was all so much fun and entertaining. The humor always makes it a plus, and it was great to have the interaction between spouses.

Sara M. - St. George UT



FRIDAY, JAN. 18th, 2019
6 PM - 9 PM





1209 S Main St
Grapevine, TX 76051


All seating is General Admission.

EVENT DRESS CODE: Suit and tie. Gym shorts. Dresses. Come as you are! Pretty much anything goes at So Happy Together, but most people arrive in pretty casual clothes.

FOOD: No food will be served and no outside food is allowed at this venue, but couples will feast on the delicious insights and leave with their heart filled.


$25 for an individual ticket.
$50 per couple ticket.

Attendance at this event grants permission for your image and likeness to be used in future promotional materials without further agreement with Jumping Turtle, LLC.

No refunds or exchanges. Paid tickets are transferable.

The listed presenters are committed to attending the event, however, circumstances beyond our control might interfere with the program. Don't worry! We will make the best of whatever happens because, dangit, that's just all we can do.

For additional questions about the event, please use our contact page.


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